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King Of Porn City: Browser Porn Game (Free To Play)

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Ever wondered what it would be like to become a pornstar and rule the city you live in? Today, you're going to be able to do exactly that! Horny Worm Studios has created an XXX title the likes of which you've never seen before – it's a real beauty that we think any self-professed porn gaming addict is going to love and then some! Make no mistake about it, this isn't your regular sex game with softcore decision making and lame storylines: you're a guy who's on a mission here. As someone who's trying to conquer porn city, you'll have to steal, fuck, lie and cheat your way into the big leagues. We're not joking here either: you play the role of an asshole and the only way for you to become a king is to get an advantage any which way you can. So stop wasting your time on porn games that don't hit the spot and try out King Of Porn City right this instant! We've yet to meet a genuine player that didn't love our production, so let's get down to the nitty gritty and talk about what makes KOPC so damn great. Strap yourself in: this is going to be a lecture about a nasty sex game that you need to know about.

The gameplay theme

When you first load up King Of Porn City, you'll find yourself as a complete fucking loser. This is intentional – you have to realize that you're a good-for-nothing coomer that won't make any chick happy and that will be eating shit for the rest of his life unless he turns all of that around. As a side note, if you're a bit too sensitive for a game like this, leave! We're not in the business of pretending that you're going to be great unless you act like a dick, because newsflash everyone: that's how you get ahead in this fucked world. Anyway, your mission as you progress through Porn City is to build up a huge cache of cash, get contacts in the business and create as many videos as you can which you'll sell through various mediums. One of your very first tasks will be simply to record a chick playing with her pussy, but you'll be paying a heap of cash to get her in the studio because, well, she thinks you're a bit of a creep! As you progress deeper and deeper into the game, you'll start to have the ability to fuck all of the girls that come through and well, that's when things get interesting. A lot of these broads are in it for the cash, but some just want to be used and abused. Push these sluts to the limit and see just how much content you can extract from them! It's a brilliant system that you're going to love – that's a guarantee!

Both PC and mobile support

You'll be able to play King Of Porn City no matter what device you're on, be it the latest iPhone, an old PC or even that beat-up tablet your dad uses to watch cuckold porn. So long as you're able to load up a browser that is Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera, you'll have absolutely no issues whatsoever exploring Porn City. We built it this way on purpose and what's more, because they're all synchronized in terms of save states, you can flip between the different games on any device pretty much seamlessly. The mobile edition is missing just a few small features, but aside from that, all of the games on every device are literally the same! Isn't it a wonderful world that we live in? Horny Worm Studios has gone above and beyond here to make you as well equipped as possible for great quality XXX porn. It's a fantastic world that we have and we're confident that you're going to love the fact you can play King Of Porn City on both your mobile and PC. Just don't blame us when you get addicted and end up making your cock red raw from playing with your ding dong so damn much – it's not us that's the problem, it's you and your sensitive shaft!

Dozens of sluts to fuck

We've created a custom system of character creation that essentially means you have an unlimited number of women to engage with sexually. They're generated using dozens of different metrics and all have unique characteristics, personality traits, body types, hair colors and so on. As mentioned previously, some of the girls are incredibly submissive, whereas others are looking for something that's a bit more full-on and raw. As things progress over the coming months, we'll also be adding more sweet features that allow you to customize these broads and essentially create your very own perfect pornstar. Hell, our forums will even have a section for people to share and implement their own favorite girls – it's a pretty cool concept, right? Well, if you agree, we'd love for you to sign up and take a look around in our game. These submissive sluts aren't going to fuck themselves, right? It's about damn time you got the camera rolling and tool over Porn City before people realize that you've done it in the first place! Ignore all of the haters, by the way: those guys won't like your newfound success, but you're getting filthy rich from fucking sluts, so what's the big deal?

World-class jerking sessions

One cool feature we have in King Of Porn City is the ability to pause the game at any moment in time and load up a session you've previously engaged with so that you can play it again – great, right? That means that if you really enjoyed having intercourse with a single broad, you can take yourself back in time and do it all over again, likely with your dick in your hand so you can wank yourself off while it happens. Just goes to show that Horny Worm Studios will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our members are able to jerk themselves off whenever they feel like it – hoorah!

Thanks a lot for coming along to this exclusive, world-class stellar game. Are you ready to play now? Great! Get inside today and become King Of Porn City.

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